Music lovers aged 16 and over

Music Laboratory

(Photo: Dorothea Huber)

The music laboratories are a new series of workshops for music lovers aged 16 and over. It builds on the Berliner Philharmoniker’s musical programme and offers an intensive, creative exploration of the overarching themes of selected works. Without prior knowledge, the participants will have the opportunity to discover works from the repertoire of the Berliner Philharmoniker, explore connections with other arts and, above all, find their own creative approach to the themes. And perhaps also inspire the participants to go to the subsequent related concert.

Curious about music?

Each workshop delves into a different, exciting musical cosmos: the first is about rhythm and time, construction and chaos, and a composition by György Ligeti that deals with these themes. The second workshop, based on Leonard Bernstein’s First Symphony Jeremiah, explores the various forms of lamentation. The third, following in the footsteps of forgotten composers, explores the question: “How does it happen that musical works disappear from the repertoire?” Finally, the staging of musical works comes into play – using the example of Bach's St. John Passion and the scenic realisation of the music by the director Peter Sellars.

Participation is free, registration is required!


2 September 2018
About clouds and clocks
Registration from 10 July 2018

28 October 2018
Lamentations of “Jeremiah”
Registration from 10 September 2018

13 January 2019
Forgotten, repressed and lost music
Registration from 10 December 2018

10 March 2019
In the mind of a director
Registration from 10 December 2018

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