For social institutions

Concerts to go

(Photo: Peter Adamik)

“The visit by the Berliner Philharmoniker to the Albertus-Magnus-Haus is a powerful and poignant symbol: members of this world-famous orchestra, which otherwise performs before established and affluent audiences, visit people who can no longer access music of such quality so easily, in order to make personal contact with them and perform for them.”

Hans Kreuzeder, director of the Albertus Magnus Haus

“I felt like I was in heaven!”

Member of the audience after the concert

In the “Concerts to go” series, musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker in chamber music formations pay visits to various social institutions in Berlin and on tour to performance venues in order to make the musical activities of the orchestra available to those who can not attend concerts in the Philharmonie. Beyond the walls of the concert hall, we want to present music at a variety of venues such as nursing homes, hospitals and prisons to create connections through musical encounters at different levels.

In Berlin and on tour

Concerts to go are also a part of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s activities when on tour. Whether in Salzburg, New York, Sydney or Baden-Baden, there are always opportunities beyond the usual concert venues to play for children, the elderly, the sick, nursing homes and refugees.

(Photo: Peter Adamik)

The Berliner Philharmoniker also come to you

If you are interested in the Berliner Philharmoniker coming to play at your establishment, please contact the Education Department.
Phone: +49(30)-25488 353