BE PHIL Orchestra

Frequently asked questions


How do I apply?
By video here on our website from January.

How will the participants be selected?
A jury consisting of members of the Berliner Philharmoniker will select 100 musicians from the first 1000 entries.

Which instrument do I have to play in order to participate?
Any instrument found in a classical symphony orchestra.

How well do I have to be able to play my instrument?
Well enough to play an orchestral part in Johannes Brahms’s First Symphony

It says that only amateurs are allowed to participate. What does that mean?
For us, an amateur in this context is anyone whose job does not primarily involve the public performance of music. Music teachers, for example, can apply.


Is participation in the project subject to a charge?
No, but we can not cover travel, accommodation or meals.

Can you help me to find a place to stay?
Unfortunately not

When will the successful applicants be announced?
From 1 Feb 2018

When do the rehearsals take place?
From 17 – 20 May 2018

When does the concert take place?
On 21 May 2018, at 3.30 pm

Questions about the Content of Application Videos

Which music should I record?
Please play a piece – in its entirety or an excerpt – that allows us to assess your abilities. The piece should in the broadest sense come from the classical music repertoire.

How long should the video be?
Best between 3 and 15 minutes

Must I or may I be accompanied by a piano?
It is allowed, but not a requirement.

Can I apply with a chamber music work?
Yes, as long as it allows you to demonstrate your individual abilities

Should I talk about myself in the video?
You’re welcome to, but it’s not a requirement. In addition to the video, there will be a short questionnaire in which you can introduce yourself.

Technical Questions about Application Videos

How do I send you my video?
You can upload the video to our website from the 3 January. The specific time has not yet been decided. A “continuous” recording is requested.

What does that mean?
This refers to video recordings taken in one shot, with a single camera and no cuts.

Can I also apply with an audio recording?
Applications are only possible with video recordings.

How old may a recording be?
Maximum of one year

Is a specific video format required?
We can work with standard formats.


If you have more questions, then get in touch with us!
Write us an email