Floor Plan + Price List 2019/2020

Chamber Music Hall

Chamber Music Hall
Concert category
Price category Block/row 1 2 3

A, D, E

26 € 35 € 45 €

B, C, F,

Wheelchair positions 1

16 € 25 € 33 €

G, H,

Gallery F,

Gallery H

10 € 15 € 20 €

Wheelchair positions 2,

Choir seating

8 € 8 € 10 €

Special Tickets

Concerts in the Philharmonie:

Subject to availability, choir- and additional seating is available exclusively from the box office two business days before the first evening of a concert series. Availability can be checked by telephone or at the box office itself.

For selected concerts, standing places are available. Standing places are only on sale at the box office on the day of the respective concert. Please check in advance regarding availability.

Young concert guests: For visitors under the age of 28, the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation provides a contingent of 50 cards at the uniform price of 15 euros for their concerts. These can be purchased by presenting valid proof of age in person at the box office in the Philharmonie.

Concerts in the Chamber Music Hall

Subject to availability, tickets for students are available from the box office on the day of the concert for 8.00 € or 3.00 € for berlinpass holders.

Subject to availability, seats on the stage of the Chamber Music Hall also go on sale only at the box office shortly before a performance. Please check availability in advance.

Please note: The special tickets listed here can only be purchased at the box office, and not online or by telephone.

Disabled guests

Special wheelchair positions are available at every concert. They can be purchased through normal advance booking, by phone or at the box office.

Guests with a severe disability (German disability code “B”) receive a complimentary ticket for an assistant companion.