Schubert Marathon

One day – three concerts

Blue shadow of a flower

Schubert’s chamber music is a cosmos in itself. With its beguiling, bittersweet melodies and expressive harmonic language, it plumbs the depths of human emotions and existence: joy and sorrow, love and loss, closeness and loneliness. In our Schubert Marathon, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker can immerse you in these musical landscapes of the soul, from Schubert’s early string trios to his late String Quintet in C major, and including works like his effervescent “Trout” Quintet and his transcendent “Death and the Maiden” Quartet.

Schubert Marathon I (from 11:00)

Christophe Horák violin
Ulrich Knörzer viola
David Riniker cello
Janusz Widzyk double bass
Yannick Van de Velde piano

Franz Schubert
Piano Quintet in A major D 667 “Trout Quintet”

Philharmonisches Streichtrio

Franz Schubert
String Trio B flat major D 471
String Trio B flat major D 581

Jelka Weber flute
Marlene Ito violin
Simon Roturier violin
Martin von der Nahmer viola
Knut Weber cello
Michael Karg double base

Franz Schubert
Variations on “Dry Flowers” in E minor D 802 (arrangement for flute and string quintet by Daniel Runer)

Schubert Marathon II (from 14:30)

Noah Bendix-Balgley violin
Marlene Ito violin
Naoko Shimizu viola
Ludwig Quandt cello

Franz Schubert
String Quartet No. 12 in C minor D 703 “Quartettsatz”

Johanna Pichlmair violin
Angelo de Leo violin
Tobias Reifland viola
Uladzimir Sinkevich cello

Franz Schubert
String Quartet No. 13 in A minor D 804 “Rosamunde”

Philharmonisches Streichquartett

Franz Schubert
String Quartet No. 14 in D minor D 810 “Death and the Maiden”

Schubert Marathon III (from 17:30)

Noah Bendix-Balgley violin
Luis Esnaola violin
Martin von der Nahmer viola
Stephan Koncz cello

Franz Schubert
String Quartet No. 15 in G major D 887

Cornelia Gartemann violin
Christoph von der Nahmer violin
Julia Gartemann viola
Bruno Delepelaire cello
Knut Weber cello

Franz Schubert
String Quintet in C major D 956

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Sun 14 Apr 2024, 14:30

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