Persien II

Five women in robes, four of them holding their plucked string instruments in their hands

Māhbānoo Ensemble (photo: Farhad Bazazian)

The Māhbānoo Ensemble, founded in Iran in 2014, consists exclusively of female musicians. As women have been forbidden to sing in public in the country since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the ensemble has been prevented from making public performances. The ensemble’s founder, Majid Derakhshāni, has been banned from performing and practicing his profession as a result of the initiative and his musical activities are categorized as a crime. The musicians will travel to Musikfest Berlin from Tehran and Europe in order to finally make their public concert debut in Germany: with traditional Persian music that goes back for centuries. The group’s name combines the Persian words “bānoo” (lady) and “māh” (moon) and means “a lady as beautiful as the moon.”

Majid Derakhshāni tar, setār, vocals, arrangement and artistic direction

Roshanai Rafāni daf and tombak

Māhbānoo Ensemble

Improvisations on Tār and Daf by Majid Derakhshāni and Roshanak Rafāni

Works in the mode “Bayāt-e Tork” and “Bayaāt-e Esfahan“ with poems by Rumi, Hafez and Gholamreza Ghodsi

Kimiā Nikpourfarokh kamāncheh (guest), Sarā Rezazādeh Tar, Hannāneh Saeidi Qanun, Shivā Ahmadisepehr oud, Sārā Khodāyar vocals

A joint initiative of Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin, musica viva of the Bayerischer Rundfunk and Körber-Stiftung

Dates and Tickets

Sat 16 Sep 2023, 19:00

Chamber Music Hall


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