Very British: Lea Desandre, Thomas Dunford and the Jupiter ensemble

Jupiter Ensemble (photo: Julien Benhamou)

They are one of the Early Music dream teams: mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre, lutenist Thomas Dunford and his French ensemble Jupiter. What distinguishes them is their singular ability to perform Baroque works with such energy and vitality as to make them sound newly composed. In the final concert of the series Original Sounds, they will spotlight two very different British composers: Henry Purcell, famous for his enthralling music for the stage, and John Dowland, best known for his moving songs and instrumental works. What both had in common was a remarkable capacity for capturing emotions in music.

Ensemble Jupiter

Thomas Dunford lute, direction

Lea Desandre mezzo-soprano

Lieder und Arien von John Dowland und Henry Purcell

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Series Original Sounds

The splendour of baroque in four concerts