Gustavo Dudamel conducts Mahler’s Sixth

Gustavo Dudamel (photo: Stephan Rabold)

“The Sixth is his most personal work and a prophetic one at that” – said Gustav Mahler’s wife Alma. And in fact, with its apocalyptic tonal language, which is only temporarily lightened, the symphony seems to anticipate Mahler’s great personal catastrophes: the diagnosis of a heart condition, the death of his daughter, and professional failures. It is music that looks into the abyss. Gustavo Dudamel, one of the world’s most popular conductors, presents this performance and has already performed Mahler symphonies on several occasions with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Gustavo Dudamel conductor

Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 6

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Mahler’s Symphonies

How Mahler made the symphony longer, more complex, but also more expressive.