Kirill Petrenko conducts Strauss’ “Elektra”

Nina Stemme (photo: Neda Navaee)

A desperate woman: Elektra is driven by grief, pain, and hatred. She wants to avenge the death of her father, who was murdered by her mother and her mother’s lover. Hugo von Hofmansthal’s retelling of the tragedy of the Greek princess was ideal operatic material for the music dramatist Richard Strauss, who painted this psychological portrait of a woman in existential conflict in richly coloured, intense scenes. Following staged performances at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden, Kirill Petrenko now conducts a concert version. The title role is performed by world-renowned dramatic soprano Nina Stemme.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Kirill Petrenko conductor

Michaela Schuster mezzo-soprano (Klytämnestra)

Nina Stemme soprano (Elektra)

Elza van den Heever soprano (Chrysothemis)

Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke tenor (Aegisth)

Johan Reuter bass-baritone (Orest)

Anthony Robin Schneider bass (Tutor to Orest)

Anna Denisova soprano (The Train-bearer)

Lucas van Lierop tenor (A young Servant)

Andrew Harris bass (An old Servant)

Kirsi Tiihonen soprano (An Overseer)

Katharina Magiera contralto (First Maid)

Alexandra Ionis mezzo-soprano (Third Maid)

Lauren Fagan soprano (Fifth Maid)

Marvic Monreal mezzo-soprano

Dorothea Herbert soprano

Serafina Starke soprano

Rundfunkchor Berlin

Richard Strauss

Elektra (Concert Performance)

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Kirill Petrenko (photo: Chris Christodoulou)

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