World: António Zambujo and the World of Fado

Antonio Zambujo (photo: Isabel Pinto)

Sensual, melancholy, mellifluous: António Zambujo is a genuine “fadista”. With his dark, velvety voice, he conjures an inimitable atmosphere of longing, renunciation and loneliness, so typical of fado. Raised in Portugal’s musical tradition, the singer is able to bring a modern and contemporary perspective to his interpretations of this world of sound and expression and to expand it stylistically – with the folk music of his native region of Alentejo as well as elements of Brazilian music and jazz. Zambujo will be supported this evening by the Argentinian tenor Francisco Brito.

António Zambujo fado singer

Francisco Brito tenor

Bernardo Couto portuguese guitar

João Moreira trumpet

João Salcedo piano

A Fado evening

Ein Fado-Abend

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