Baroque Weekend

The Eroticism of Venetian Opera

Les Épopées (photo: Etienne Charbonnier)

This concert celebrates the sensuous, erotic moments in life. The young French ensemble Les Épopées under Stéphane Fuget, which has recently established a notable reputation for its expressive music-making, abducts us to the world of early Venetian opera. That world was anything but prudish – witness the numerous frivolous, indeed decadent moments in works by Francesco Cavalli, Giovanni Legrenzi and Claudio Monteverdi: arias and ensemble scenes filled with passion, seduction, abandon and lust.

Les Épopées

Stéphane Fuget harpsichord and direction

“Pleasureˮ ‒ Venetian Operan Arias of the 17th Century

Works by Francesco Cavalli, Claudio Monteverdi, Domenico Freschi, Antonio Sartorio and further composers

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Sun 25 Feb 2024, 15:30

Chamber Music Hall


Baroque Weekend 2024