Unknown Bruckner with Christian Thielemann

Christian Thielemann

Anton Bruckner on the path to self-discovery: this concert presents two almost unknown symphonies by the composer, neither of which are included in the official count. The “Study Symphony” in F minor is Bruckner’s first attempt in the genre. Although the composer described the work as “school work”, it delights with its verve and Romantic warmth. In the case of the so-called “Nullte” (“No. 0”), it is fascinating how Bruckner’s unmistakable personal style takes shape. Christian Thielemann – a leading Bruckner interpreter – conducts, making this journey of discovery particularly rewarding.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Christian Thielemann conductor

Anton Bruckner

Symphony in F minor “Study Symphonyˮ

Anton Bruckner

Symphony in D minor “Nullteˮ

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