The Bundesjugendorchester with Mahler’s Ninth Symphony

Bundesjugendorchester (photo: Selina Pfrüner)

The Bundesjugendorchester, Germany’s national youth orchestra, is more for the Berliner Philharmoniker than just a highly talented ensemble of upcoming musicians: as its godfather, they feel a special connection with this group of world-class young players. Evidence of that includes annual invitations to perform in the Berlin Philharmonie. This year the Bundesjugendorchester will be offering Mahler’s Ninth, the composer’s last completed symphony, under the direction of Alexander Shelley. With its riven, disparate language, the work became Mahler’s testament as well as a precursor of musical modernity.

National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Alexander Shelley conductor

Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 9

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Mon 15 Jan 2024, 20:00

Main Auditorium

(photo: Artis Naples)