African-French Connection

Ballaké Sissoko (photo: Benoit Peverelli)

The artist Ballaké Sissoko, who was born and lives in Mali, is a master of the kora, eliciting irresistible meditative sounds from this African bridge harp. Sissoko appears with three French jazz instrumentalists during this concert: cellist Vincent Ségal, saxophonist Émile Parisien and accordionist Vincent Peirani. The result is a sound in which Ballaké Sissoko’s virtuosic and spiritual playing forms a perfect combination with the French flair of his partners’ exuberant music-making – light-hearted yet profound at the same time.

Ballaké Sissoko kora

Vincent Ségal cello

Émile Parisien saxophone

Vincent Peirani accordion

Les Égarés

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