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Jörg Widmann and Felix Mendelssohn

Jörg Widmann (photo: Stefan Höderath)

For composer, clarinettist and conductor Jörg Widmann, Felix Mendelssohn is one of music’s greats. He sees parallels to his own work through a shared “delight in tempo, in instrumental colours, in rapid and sudden changes of mood”. You can now hear this artistic affinity for yourself. Widmann conducts Mendelssohn's celebratory “Reformation Symphony” and introduces three of his own works: his overture Con brio, which plays with motifs from Beethoven, his virtuoso Fantasy for Clarinet, and the Second Violin Concerto with his sister Carolin Widmann as the soloist.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Jörg Widmann conductor and clarinet

Carolin Widmann violin

Jörg Widmann

Con brio, Concert Overture

Jörg Widmann

Violin Concerto No. 2

Carolin Widmann violin

Jörg Widmann

Fantasy for solo clarinet

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Symphony No. 5 in D minor, op. 107 “Reformationˮ

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Carolin Widmann (photo: Lennard Ruehle)

Composer in Residence

In Search of the Uncertain: Portrait of Jörg Widmann