Philharmonic Discourse

"Cancel culture" is an increasingly frequent buzzword in debates. Some see it as a kind of extremism that prevents discourse on certain topics; for others, it's purely a provocation. Is there any substance behind it? Is "cancelling" a ban, a necessary argument, or an attack on culture? Or is it all over the top? Philosopher and bestselling author Philipp Hübl and migration expert Naika Foroutan discuss this. Christiane Florin is the moderator.

Naika Foroutan

Philipp Hübl

Christiane Florin presentation

In cooperation with Deutschlandfunk

Dates and Tickets

Tue 12 Dec 2023, 20:00

Foyer, Chamber Music Hall

(photo: Juliane Marie Schreiber)

Naika Foroutan (photo: Rasmus Tanck)