Berliner Symphoniker

Lio Kuokman conductor

Wu Wei Sheng

Ning Feng violin

Juliane Banse soprano

Long Long tenor

Image China: East/West Symphonic Concert

Fang Ming

Opera Warriors: Opera Life

Jacques Offenbach

The Tales of Hoffmann: Barcarolle

Zhao Lin

A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains

Bao Yuankai

Chinese Sights and Sounds

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Melusine Overture, op. 32

Zhao Jiping

oncerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1

Paul Lincke

Frau Luna: Schlösser, die im Monde liegen

Xu Peidong

Like a Snowflake from the Sky

Wang Shiguang

The Song of Yangtze River

Dates and Tickets

Wed 14 Dec 2022, 20:00

Main Auditorium


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