Yannick Delez Quintet

Yannick Delez piano

Susanne Paul cello

Raphael Grunau viola

Rodrigo Bauzá violin

Gerður Gunnarsdóttir violin

Jazz meets Impressionism & Romanticism

Yannick Delez

Hanging Gardens

Yannick Delez


Serge Ginsbourg

La Javanaise

Yannick Delez


Yannick Delez


Yannick Delez

Clärchen’s Ballhaus

Free admission

Please note that for safety reasons the number of people allowed is limited. Reservations are not possible.

Recommended from 6 years

We welcome all music fans to the lunchtime concerts. Despite their brevity of 45 minutes, the concerts are not specifically intended for children. In the foyer there are sufficient places where children can have a break in order to be considerate of the artists and other concert guests, if necessary.

Dates and Tickets

Wed 07 Dec 2022, 13:00

Hauptfoyer Großer Saal