Jongmyo Jeryeak performance in National Gugak Center, Korea (photo: National Gugak Center)

The Court Music Orchestra and Dance Theatre of the National Gugak Center in Seoul bring a centuries-old traditional Korean ancestral ceremony to Berlin. Jongmyo Jerieak is a multi-genre art work that combines instrumental music, singing, dancing and costumes. This visiting performance takes place to mark the 50th anniversary of the Korean-German Cultural Agreement.

National Gugak Center

Court Music Orchestra of NGC

Sang-Won Lee direction

Dance Theatre of NGCTanzensemble

Jeong-Suk Yu direction


Jongmyo Jerieak ‒ Traditional Korean ancestral ceremony from the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) with music, song, dance and costumes

Dates and Tickets

Mon 12 Sep 2022, 20:00

Main Auditorium


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