Biennale of the Berlin Philharmonic

Piano recital Bertrand Chamayou

Bertrand Chamayou (photo: Marco Borggreve)

Chamber Music

At the beginning of the 1950s, a new generation of unconventional and revolutionary composers was emerging. The French pianist Bertrand Chamayou introduces us to works by composers who we now count among the leading figures of New Music, and who never ceased to surprise us with their ideas: John Cage, György Ligeti, Luciano Berio and Olivier Messiaen turn the piano into a percussion instrument and an experimental laboratory for new tonal and rhythmic effects. Karl Amadeus Hartmann, on the other hand, recalls the horrors of the Nazi dictatorship in his sonata “27 April 1945”.

Bertrand Chamayou piano

John Cage

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle for prepared piano

Karl Amadeus Hartmann

Sonata “27 April 1945”

Luciano Berio

Cinque variazioni

Olivier Messiaen


György Ligeti

Musica ricercata

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