Chamber Music

Philharmonic Chamber Music: Of Pilgrims, Lovers and Child Prodigies

A man, a woman and a love that breaks conventions: Richard Dehmel’s poem Verklärte Nacht inspired Arnold Schoenberg to write his same-named string sextet, whose late-Romantic tonal language captures the atmosphere of a particular night and the state of mind of a couple. The work in turn inspired Erich Korngold, who was only 17 years old, to write his expressive string sixtet. We also hear the piece Angelus! Prière aux anges gardiens in an arrangement for string quintet from Franz Liszt’s piano cycle Années de pèlerinage.

Julia Gartemann viola

Cornelia Gartemann violin

Christoph von der Nahmer violin

Martin von der Nahmer viola

Bruno Delepelaire cello

Knut Weber cello

Franz Liszt

Angelus! Prière aux anges gardiens (arr. for string quintet)

Arnold Schoenberg

Verklärte Nacht for string sextet, op. 4

Erich Wolfgang Korngold

String Sextet in D major, op. 10

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