Kadri Voorand (photo: Anu Hammer)

Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic: Fantastic women

Three female jazz musicians – and each fantastic in her own way: Estonian singer Kadri Voorand is considered a rising star of the scene in her home country. She develops her both meditative and energetic tonal language from the skilful mix of folk, classical music and jazz. Icelander Anna Gréta is inspired by Nordic nature and the melancholy of her homeland to write reflective, mystical songs. A completely different sound comes from the US-American Rhoda Scott, the “Grande Dame of the Hammond organ”. Discovered by the legendary Count Basie, her music is in the tradition of hard bop, gospel and soul.

Kadri Voorand vocals and piano

Mihkel Mälgand bass

Anna Gréta Trio

Anna Gréta piano and vocals

Johan Tengholm bass

Konrad Agnas drums

Fabia Mantwill saxophone (Guest)

Rhoda Scott Trio

Rhoda Scott Hammondorgel

Céline Bonacina saxophone

Julie Saury drums

Fantastic Women

Curated by Siggi Loch

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Kadri Voorand (photo: Anu Hammer)