Jordi Savall (photo: David Ignaszewski)

Chamber Music

Original sound: Venetian music with Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XXI

Off to Venice! The Italian lagoon city was one of the great centres of music in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the magnificent churches and palaces, a new musical style developed: virtuosic, emotionally charged, and dance-like. Avant-garde genres such as ricercar, capriccio, canzon and sonata as well as new dances gave the audience unexpected listening experiences. This “musica nova” inspired the music world throughout Europe, as the gambist Jordi Savall, a doyen of the Early Music scene, and his ensemble Hespèrion XXI demonstrate in this concert.

Hespèrion XXI

Jordi Savall direction and treble viol

Philippe Pierlot alto and bass viol

Lixsania Fernández tenor viol

Juan Manuel Quintana bass viol

Lorenz Duftschmid bass viol

Xavier Puertas violone

Enrike Solinis guitar and theorbo

David Mayoral percussion

Musica nova 1500–1700

Venetian influences on European Music: Ricercari, Capricci, Canzone, Sonate, Danze et Variazioni

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Jordi Savall (photo: David Ignaszewski)