Family Concert: The Four Seasons

Family Concert (photo: Monika Rittershaus)

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – Antonio Vivaldi's cycle The Four Seasons is one of the most famous works of the Classical period. What is the appeal of this piece for us? We hear everything in the music: the springtime chirping of birds, the rushing of streams, the buzzing of mosquitoes, the sweltering heat of summer, a merry hunt in autumn and bone-chilling cold in winter. When string players of the Berliner Philharmoniker play on instruments by Antonio Stradivari, one of the best violin makers of the Baroque era, this music sounds twice as beautiful.

For children from the age of six and their music-loving parents, grandparents or relatives

Philharmonische Stradivari-Solisten Berlin

Aleksandar Ivić concept and presentation

Winnie Dias Pinto dance and cheography

Shevelle Dynott dance

Isabella Heymann costumes

Otto Bubeníček stage scenery and equipment

Antonio Vivaldi

The Four Seasons: Excerpts

For children aged 6 and over

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