Original sound: From Drama to Prayer

Vincent Dumestre und Le Poème Harmonique (photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot)

In the Baroque period, opera and church music were actually strictly separated. However, compositions for the stage with new texts often found their way into sacred music with new texts. In a concert entitled Anamorfosi, which roughly translates as “transformation of form”, the ensemble Le Poème Harmonique undertakes a foray through 17th-century Italian music. The group, which delights audiences with its fresh, unconventional performance style, shows how close the supposedly different worlds of opera and the church can come in their expressive intensity.

Le Poème Harmonique

Vincent Dumestre direction

Deborah Cachet soprano

Marthe Davost soprano

Eva Zaïcik mezzo-soprano

Floriane Hasler contralto

Antonin Rondepierre tenor

Jan Van Elsacker tenor

Benoît Arnould baritone

Tomáš Král baritone

Virgile Ancely bass

Anamorfosi - a journey through baroque Italy

Works by Claudio Monteverdi, Domenico Mazzocchi and Luigi Rossi

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