Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic: Duo Art

(photo: Gregor Hohenberg)

Jazz is communication through improvisation, most directly in pairs, without the safety net of a rhythm section or band. This intimate art form, this “Duo Art”, is celebrated by three outstanding duos from Europe. The best of young German jazz is represented by saxophonist Jakob Manz and pianist Johanna Summer. The high art of jazz guitar playing is represented by the Swedish-English style icons Ulf Wakenius and Philip Catherine. And last but not least, there is a Scandinavian summit meeting of the wind players with saxophonist Marius Neset and tuba player Daniel Herskedal.

Johanna Summer piano

Jakob Manz saxophone

Philip Catherine guitar

Ulf Wakenius guitar

Marius Neset saxophone

Daniel Herskedal tuba

Duo Art

Curated by Siggi Loch

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