Family Concert: Francesca da Rimini

In this family concert, chief conductor Kirill Petrenko presents a forbidden love that ends in hell: the beautiful Francesca is killed by her jealous husband because she has fallen in love with his brother Paolo. Now she and her lover atone for their “offence” with eternal damnation. This story by the Italian poet Dante inspired Tchaikovsky to write his orchestral fantasy Francesca da Rimini – as it allowed him to musically portray so many contrasting moods: the horror and desolation of hell, as well as the heartfelt love of the two protagonists.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Kirill Petrenko conductor and co-presentation

Matthias Brenner Schauspieler

Judith Mahler Schauspielerin

Dering van Diekencostume and equipment

Carlotta Dering costume and equipment

Marlenen van Dieken costume and equipment

Nina Kupczyk stage direction and text

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Francesca da Rimini, Fantasy for orchestra, op. 32

For children from the age of 6

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Family Concerts

For children from 6 and their parents or relatives