Philharmonic Discourse: Origin

Julia Friedrichs as guests of the Philharmonic Discourse

Claudia Roth (photo: Kristian Schuller)

Due to illness, the event must unfortunately be cancelled. Tickets will be refunded.

This Philharmonic Discourse takes up our seasonal focus on identities and deals with the theme of origins: the question of geographical and family roots that shape us and our view of the world. Presenter Christiane Florin welcomes Julia Friedrichs as our guests. The journalist and author has dealt with the themes of home and identity in several film projects.

Julia Friedrichs

Christiane Florin presentation (Deutschlandfunk)



An event in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk

Dates and Tickets

Wed 24 May 2023, 20:00

Ausstellungsfoyer Kammermusiksaal / Fensterfront


Julia Friedrichs

The author, journalist and film-maker focusses on the themes of origin and social justice in her books as well as in reportages and documentaries – for example, for WDR, ZDF and Zeit. She has written several non-fiction books, including Deutschland dritter Klasse. Leben in der Unterschicht [Third-Class Germany. Life in the Underclass] (with Eva Müller and Boris Baumholt, 2009), Wir Erben. Was Geld mit Menschen macht [We Heirs. What Money Does to People] (2015) and Working Class. Warum wir Arbeit brauchen, von der wir leben können [Working Class. Why We Need Work That We Can Live On] (2021). Julia Friedrichs has received numerous awards, among them the Young Journalists Award of the Franco-German Journalism Prize, the Grimme Award and, in 2022, the Hans Matthöfer Award for Economic Journalism.

Julia Friedrichs (photo: Andreas Hornoff)