Philharmonic Discourse: Origin

Claudia Roth as guest of the Philharmonic Discourse

Claudia Roth (photo: Kristian Schuller)

This Philharmonic Discourse takes up our seasonal focus on identities and deals with the theme of origins: the question of geographical and family roots that shape us and our view of the world. Presenter Christiane Florin welcomes Claudia Roth as our guest. In the course of her political career, the Minister of State for Culture and Media has dealt with questions of origin in very different ways – as an expert on human rights policy and humanitarian aid, and as a member of numerous associations such as Pro Asyl.

Claudia Roth

Christiane Florin presentation (Deutschlandfunk)



An event in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk

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Wed 24 May 2023, 20:00

Ausstellungsfoyer Kammermusiksaal / Fensterfront