Philharmonic Discourse: Faith and Values

Seyran Ateş (photo: Ashik Ishtiak)

The question of how faith and religion affect human identity is at the heart of our Philharmonic Discourse. The participants in the discussion are Seyran Ateş, a lawyer who fights for the rights of Muslim women and an imam who campaigns for a liberal Islam, and Anna-Nicole Heinrich. Born in 1996, the philosophy student was elected chairperson of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany in 2021 and is the youngest person to hold this office so far. The host will be the author and radio editor Christiane Florin.

Seyran Ateş

Anna-Nicole Heinrich

Christiane Florin presentation(Deutschlandfunk)

Faith and values

An event in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk

Dates and Tickets

Thu 16 Mar 2023, 20:00

Ausstellungsfoyer Kammermusiksaal / Fensterfront