(photo: Georg Kumpfmüller)

Philharmonic Discourse: Utopia

How much utopia does a society need? Are utopian visions merely a luxury, absolutely necessary for political and social transformation processes, or do they doom us to failure from the outset? Moderator Christiane Florin discusses these questions with two figures who are leading the way with visionary ideas, but come from different generations: Mithu Sanyal, cultural scientist and author of the book Identitti, and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, publicist, politician and leading voice of the 1968 student movement.

Mithu Melanie Sanyal

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Christiane Florin presentation

Utopia ‒ Mithu Sanyal and Daniel Cohn-Bendit in discussion with Christiane Florin

Dates and Tickets

Wed 02 Nov 2022, 20:00

Ausstellungsfoyer Kammermusiksaal / Fensterfront

(photo: Georg Kumpfmüller)