Aynur (photo: Muhsin Akgun)

World music: Aynur – the voice of the Kurds

She is the musical voice of the Kurds: Aynur sings about the life and suffering of the Kurdish people, especially the women. Her songs are based on traditional pieces, which she fuses with stylistic elements of western music, above all jazz. The result is a unique, unmistakable sound that forms a link between the past and the future. Since her appearance in Fatih Akin's documentary Crossing The Bridge – The Sound Of Istanbul, Aynur has become a global star of the world music scene. Her concert launches our new World series.

Aynur vocals and tanbur

Chris Jennings double bass

Patrick Goraguer Drums

Mike Roelofs piano

James Wylie saxophone

Sinan Cem Eroğlu guitar and tanbur

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Aynur (photo: Muhsin Akgun)