Emmanuel Pahud (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Chamber Music

Welcome Back Week

Wind players of the Berliner Philharmoniker play Gounod and Raff

The wind players of the Berliner Philharmoniker are known for their unmistakable, radiant and versatile sound. Four of the orchestra’s principal wind players, flautist Emmanuel Pahud, oboist Jonathan Kelly, clarinettist Wenzel Fuchs and horn player Stefan Dohr, together with Philharmoniker colleagues, present two rarities for larger wind chamber ensembles: Charles Gounod’s Petite Symphonie and Joachim Raff’s Sinfonietta, two lively, cheerful works with many captivating effects.

Emmanuel Pahud flute

Jelka Weber flute

Jonathan Kelly oboe

Yijea Han oboe

Wenzel Fuchs clarinet

N. N. clarinet

Stefan Schweigert bassoon

Mor Biron bassoon

Stefan Dohr french horn

N. N. horn

Charles Gounod

Petite Symphonie for winds

Joachim Raff

Sinfonietta, op. 188

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Sun, 22 Aug 2021, 17:00


Emmanuel Pahud (photo: Sebastian Hänel)