Mitmachkonzert (photo: Yan Revazov)


Interactive concert: Bewitched in the Here and Now

You can be anything in this magical world – square, round and multicoloured. First it was gone, now it’s back again, magic is wonderful: it makes small things large, and loud becomes quiet. Come along on our magical journey!

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Janusz Widzyk double bass

Thomas Leyendecker trombone

Janne Gregor acting, dance

Mareike Jung acting, dance

Pablo Mendizabal stage scenery and equipment

Friederike Karig stage direction

For children aged 3 to 5

Für Kinder zwischen 3 und 5 Jahren

Dates and Tickets

Mitmachkonzert (photo: Yan Revazov)

Instructions for interactive concerts

  • For adults and children 6 years and older, masks are mandatory (FFP2 masks from the age of 15)
  • For younger children, we recommend wearing a medical mask at all times.
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