Rebecca Saunders (photo: Astrid Ackermann)

Musikfest Berlin

Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra

Ilan Volkov conductor

Nicolas Hodges piano

Christian Dierstein percussion

Dirk Rothbrust percussion

Anton Webern

Symphonie op. 21

Rebecca Saunders

to an utterance for piano and orchestra, Roche Commission for the Lucerne Festival

Nicolas Hodges piano

Anton Webern

Variations for Orchestra, op. 30

Rebecca Saunders

Void for percussion duo and orchestra

Christian Dierstein percussion, Dirk Rothbrust percussion

The guest performance of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra is a continuation of the Rebecca Saunders Portrait 2020, funded by the Capital Cultural Fund. A Berliner Festspiele/Musikfest Berlin event.

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Thu, 09 Sep 2021, 20:00



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Rebecca Saunders (photo: Astrid Ackermann)