Patricia Kopatchinskaja (photo: Marco Borggreve)

Philharmonie »Late Night«

Late Night

Our time Late-Night- Concerts are not for sleepyheads. When other concertgoers are on their way home, this is where things are just getting started: three times a season, the late-night events offer music after Philharmoniker concerts - with members of the orchestra, distinguished guests and unusual programmes. A concert series for night owls and the curious who want to immerse themselves in unknown soundscapes.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin

Members of the Berliner Philharmoniker

George Brecht

Symphony No. 3

Pauline Oliveiros

Horse sing from clouds

György Ligeti

6 Bagatelles

Darius Milhaud

Jeu. Vif

Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Duets for violin and clarinet

Otto Matthäus Zykan

Beethoven’s Pferd" für Stimme und Cello oder Viola oder Klarinette > 2'

György Ligeti

Mysteries of the Macabre (arr. von Elgar Howarth)

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Patricia Kopatchinskaja (photo: Marco Borggreve)