Hande Küden (photo: privat)

Chamber Music

“Lost Generation”: Music by persecuted composers

When the 26-year-old Pavel Haas wrote his high-spirited string quartet “Von den Affenbergen”, he probably had no idea of the cruel fate that awaited him after the annexation of his Czech homeland by the National Socialist regime: persecution, deportation and death in Auschwitz. In this concert in the Lost Generation series, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker present the composer’s youthful works – alongside works by Ernst Toch and Hanns Eisler, who were able to escape Nazi reprisals by emigrating.

Hande Küden violin

Allan Nilles viola

Knut Weber cello

Gunars Upatnieks double bass

Mor Biron bassoon

Jelka Weber flute

Wenzel Fuchs clarinet

Jan Schlichte drums

Ernst Toch

Dance Suite, op. 30

Pavel Haas

String Quartet No. 2, op. 7 “From the Monkey Mountains”

Hanns Eisler

Septet, op. 92a

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Hande Küden (photo: privat)

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