Florian lllies (photo: Patrick Bienert)

Philharmonic Discourse

Our Philharmonic Discourse deals with topics that move us, touch us and arouse our curiosity: eminent guests and presenters discuss current issues and aspects of politics, society, culture and history. Even though the focus of this event is on the spoken word, music is not neglected - with an accompanying programme by the Karajan Academy or performances by guest artists.

Cornelia VossenCurator of the Exilmuseum Berlin

Florian Illiesauthor

Tilman Krausejournalist and author

Season focus Lost Generation

Cornelia Vossen and Florian Illies in conversation with Tilman Krause

In Kooperation mit der Neuen Nationalgalerie

Dates and Tickets

Wed 16 Feb 2022, 20:00

Neue Nationalgalerie


Expulsion, flight, emigration or exile was the fate suffered by millions of people during the dictatorship of the National Socialists who were of Jewish descent or in some other way did not fit into the world view of those in power. As part of our thematic focus on the “Lost Generation”, Cornelia Vossen, curator of the Exilmuseum Berlin, and the journalist and book author Florian Illies, in conversation with Tilman Krause, shed light on the consequences of this enormous exodus for Germany and the countries of exile and the sad fates that were associated with it.

Florian lllies (photo: Patrick Bienert)