Musikfest Berlin

Klangforum Wien

Emilio Pomarico direction

Joonas Ahonen piano

Klangforum Wien I

Rebecca Saunders

Flesh for solo accordion and recitation

Klangforum Wien, Emilio Pomarico direction

Rebecca Saunders

Sole − Trio in F sharp for accordion, percussion and piano

Klangforum Wien, Emilio Pomarico direction

Rebecca Saunders

to an utterance − study for solo piano (premiere)

Joonas Ahonen piano

Rebecca Saunders

Scar for 15 soloists and conductor

Klangforum Wien, Emilio Pomarico direction

The concerts dedicated to Rebecca Saunders on 4, 7 and 9 September are funded by means of the Capital City Cultural Fund and the Aventis Foundation.

A Berliner Festspiele/Musikfest Berlin event

Dates and Tickets

Fri, 04 Sep 2020, 17:00



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Klangforum Wien is one of the leading contemporary ensembles for contemporary music. The first of its two Musikfest Berlin concerts will focus on the British composer and winner of the 2019 Siemens Music Prize, Rebecca Saunders. This performance is the prelude to a portrait of Saunders, who will be present in further concerts at the 2020 Musikfest Berlin. In Scar, the composer works mainly with opposites, which in her case mean extreme contrasts. It is a music of tentative sensitivity, on the one hand, and of eruptive sound power, on the other. In addition to the pieces Flesh (2018), for accordion and voice, and Sole (2019), for accordion, percussion and piano, a new piano piece by Rebecca Saunders will be premiered