Guillaume Jehl (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Chamber Music

Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall

Sarah Willis french horn

Guillaume Jehl trumpet

Andre Schoch trumpet

Tamás Velenczei trumpet

Olaf Ott trombone

Alexander von Puttkamer tuba

Oskar Böhme

Trumpet Sextet in E flat minor, op. 30

Oskar Böhme

Nachtmusik, op. 44 No. 1

Oskar Böhme

Nachtmusik, op. 44 No. 2

Viktor Ewald

Brass Quintet No. 1, op. 5

Viktor Ewald

Brass Quintet No. 3 in D flat major, op. 7

Joseph Horovitz

Music Hall Suite

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Rich, mellow and brilliant at the same time – this is what makes the sound of the Berliner Philharmoniker brass special. Ideal for adding splendid highlights and reaching radiant climaxes in symphonic works. At this concert six members of the brass section present the chamber music side of their playing with a programme that ranges from late Romantic compositions by Victor Ewald, the founding father of the brass quintet, to the festive Sextet by Oskar Böhme to the rousing Music Hall Suite by Joseph Horovitz.

Guillaume Jehl (photo: Sebastian Hänel)