Tim Fischer (photo: Sebastian Busse)

Biennale of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Tim Fischer vocals

Thomas Dörschel piano

Works by Friedrich Hollaender and other composers

Dates and Tickets

Unfortunately, this concert is cancelled.

Wed, 17 Feb 2021, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall


Tim Fischer doesn’t sing chansons, he lives them. Like no other, he is able to express the range of human emotions with his unmistakable voice: rage, aggression, scorn, irony, sorrow, joy, tenderness, love. He is an inimitable interpreter of chansons by Friedrich Hollaender and other composers of the 1920s, who faithfully reflected the ambivalent attitudes towards life during the Weimar Republic in witty, enigmatic, thought-provoking and profoundly sad songs.

Tim Fischer (photo: Sebastian Busse)