Juli Zeh (photo: Thomas Müller)

Philharmonic Discourse

Juli Zeh and Ijoma Mangold in discussion with Christian Rabhansl


Dates and Tickets

Unfortunately, this event is cancelled.

Wed, 02 Dec 2020, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall


The concept of “Heimat” [homeland] has been experiencing a renaissance for quite some time in political and societal discussions. Since the last parliamentary elections in Germany, the Ministry of the Interior is even responsible for fostering regional and local traditions. But what is homeland? A feeling? A necessity? “Actually, one’s real fatherland is one’s language”, pronounced Wilhelm von Humboldt. And is there a “digital homeland”? Is one person’s homeland another’s foreign land? The bestselling author and lawyer Juli Zeh and the literature critic Ijoma Mangold will make an attempt at clarification.

Juli Zeh (photo: Thomas Müller)