Els Biesemans (photo: Tatyana Jenni)


Baroque Weekend

Els Biesemans organ

Andreas Wittmann oboe

Choral Preludes, Concerti, Preludes and Fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach as well as Sonatas, Toccatas and Fantasies by Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Ludwig Krebs

Dates and Tickets

Unfortunately, this concert is cancelled.

Sun, 07 Feb 2021, 11:00



Johann Ludwig Krebs, born in 1713, occupied a special position among Johann Sebastian Bach’s pupils. Bach, who was music director at St. Thomas’s Church in Leipzig at that time, obviously thought highly of Krebs, who was his private pupil and copyist for nine years. There was a contemporary pun on the German words “Bach” (stream) and “Krebs” (crayfish): “In this great stream only a single crayfish has been caught.” What could be more obvious than to devote a concert programme to the two masters? Organist Els Biesemans is joined by Philharmoniker oboist Andreas Wittmann.

Els Biesemans (photo: Tatyana Jenni)