Joseph Haydn (photo: Archiv Berliner Philharmoniker)

Chamber Music

Emmanuel Pahud flute

Jelka Weber flute

Jonathan Kelly oboe

Andreas Wittmann oboe

Wenzel Fuchs clarinet

Alexander Bader clarinet

Stefan Schweigert bassoon

Mor Biron bassoon

Stefan Dohr french horn

Andrej Zust french horn

Philharmonic Chamber Music

Joseph Haydn

Trio for 2 Flutes and Bassoon in C major, Hob. IV:1 “London Trio No. 1”

Charles Gounod

Petite Symphonie for Winds

Joachim Raff

Sinfonietta, op. 188

Dates and Tickets

Wed, 28 Oct 2020, 21:00

Chamber Music Hall


For Hector Berlioz the flute was an instrument with a dreamy character. At the same time, he stressed its ability to present fast runs and unbelievable trilled figures, and these can be experienced abundantly in this chamber music. Joseph Haydn’s London Trio No. 1, in which two flutes and a cello interact to great effect, is light and playful. The works of Joseph Joachim Raff and Charles Gounod offer many captivating sound effects for large wind formations – bright, uncomplicated and spirited.

Joseph Haydn (photo: Archiv Berliner Philharmoniker)