Kirill Petrenko (photo: Priska Ketterer)

Berliner Philharmoniker

Kirill Petrenko conductor

Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 9

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Thu, 13 May 2021, 20:00

Philharmonie | Introduction: 19:10

Serie L

Fri, 14 May 2021, 20:00

Philharmonie | Introduction: 19:10

Serie M

Sat, 15 May 2021, 19:00

Philharmonie | Introduction: 18:10

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“Each of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies has a different philosophy, builds a different world,” Kirill Petrenko says in an interview for the Digital Concert Hall. After the Fourth and the Sixth, he now conducts the Ninth, the composer’s last completed symphony, with the Berliner Philharmoniker. A work which makes a radical break with tradition, points the way to modernism and thus pushes open the door to a different world. Mahler conceived the cosmos of this work as fragile, fragmentary and episodic – a grand farewell to youth, love, life.

Kirill Petrenko (photo: Priska Ketterer)