Götz Teutsch (photo: Monika Rittershaus)

Chamber Music

Philharmonic Salon

Michael Maertens speaker

Rachel Schmidt violin

Cornelia Gartemann violin

Julia Gartemann viola

Micha Afkham viola

Solène Kermarrec cello

Stefan de Leval Jezierski french horn

Cordelia Höfer piano

Götz Teutsch programme supervision

“Beethoven and the Bohemian Princes”

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At the centre of this programme you will find – how could it be otherwise in the anniversary year 2020? – Ludwig van Beethoven. Or rather, it is about the significance the Bohemian, Moravian and Russian nobility residing in Vienna had for the composer’s artistic development. His meteoric rise was due in no small measure to active supporters, including Princes Lobkowitz, Lichnowsky and Razumovsky. Beethoven thanked them by dedicating numerous works to them, including several of his most beautiful piano sonatas and string quartets.

Götz Teutsch (photo: Monika Rittershaus)