(photo: Thomas Rosenthal)

“Real art is obstinate” − A Beethoven Matinee

And another birthday that no one can ignore in 2020: 250 years ago saw the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, known as the “Titan” among composers. In fact, anyone can do something with the name Beethoven, even if he has no relationship to classical music at all. But for classical aficionados, Beethoven’s art is like the gate to Elysium. But how well do we really know Beethoven? At this both literary and musical Beethoven matinee, we will hear from contemporary witnesses who experienced Beethoven themselves and remember him - “a completely unrestrained personality” as Goethe called him. And we will hear works that you don’t encounter every day or that you might not even associate with Beethoven. How did the master himself formulate it? “Real art is obstinate ...”.

Gäste werden um einen Unkostenbeitrag von nicht weniger als 20 € pro Person (Kinder 10 €) gebeten.

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Sun, 16 Feb 2020, 11:00



Freunde der Berliner Philharmoniker e.V.

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(photo: Thomas Rosenthal)