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(photo: Heribert Schindler)


Stephen Tharp organ

Toccatissima! Organ virtuoso

Johann Sebastian Bach

Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565

Carlos Seixas

Toccata prima in G minor

Girolamo Frescobaldi

Toccata seconda

Juan Bautista Cabanilles

Tocata II de mà esquerra

Guy Bovet

Toccata planyavska

Henri Mulet

Esquisses byzantines: No. 10 Tu es Petra

Joseph Jongen

Toccata, op. 104

Anthony Newman

Organ Symphony No. 1: Prelude/Toccata

Anton Heiller


Jean Guillou

Toccata, op. 9

Charles-Marie Widor

Organ Symphony No. 5, op. 42 No. 1: 5th Movement Toccata

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Sun, 15 Mar 2020, 11:00

Philharmonie | Introduction: 10:15


The Italian word “toccata” comes from the expression “toccare uno stromento”, meaning “to hit an instrument”. But it is of course not meant literally. In music, the “toccata” is a composition that usually alternates between fast passages in short note values and fully voiced chords. The best-known example is undoubtedly Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Toccata in D minor.

Today’s programme combines just toccatas: beginning in the Baroque, through the Romantic era and into modern times. Of course, neither Bach’s D minor Toccata nor Charles-Marie Widor’s Fifth Organ Symphony, also legendary, will be missing. Guy Bovet’s mysteriously scurrying Toccata planyavska is reminiscent of minimal music, while Anton Heiller’s Tanz-Toccata is a stirring bravura work. At the end you will hear Jean Guillou’s apocalyptic Toccata op. 9, which sweeps over the listeners like a phenomenon of nature and is not easily forgotten.

We welcome the New Yorker Stephen Tharp, a musician who enjoys the reputation of a supervirtuoso in the organ world, a man for whom technical difficulties seem not to exist. His fingers fly across the four manuals and his feet race over the pedals …

(photo: Heribert Schindler)

Stephen Tharp (photo: Ran Keren)