Marlis Petersen (photo: Yiorgos Mavropoulos)

Chamber Music

“Anderswelt”: Recital with Marlis Petersen and Camillo Radicke

Marlis Petersen, 2019/2020 Artist in Residence and pianist Camillo Radicke take the audience into the mysterious world of mermaids and water spirits, elves and trolls, air spirits and northern lights, in short, into the realm of the otherworldly – with a selection of works ranging from Romanticism to classical Modernism, in which well-known and unknown composers take their inspiration from rustling trees and brooks, the stars at night and the seclusion of the woods to create evocative, densely atmospheric songs.

Marlis Petersen soprano

Camillo Radicke piano

Artist in Residence


Hans Pfitzner

Lockung, op. 7 No. 4

Hans Sommer

Lore im Nachen, op. 13 No. 1

Edvard Grieg

Mit einer Wasserlilie, op. 25 No. 4

Hermann Reutter

Einsame Nixe from Neun Lieder nach Gedichten von Ricarda Huch

Carl Loewe

Der Nöck, op. 129 No. 2

Christian Sinding

Ich fürcht' nit Gespenster, op. 1 No. 3

Harald Genzmer

Stimmen im Strom, No. 3 from the Liederbuch

Max Reger

Maiennacht, op. 76 No. 15

Bruno Walter


Nikolaj Medtner

Elfenliedchen, op. 6 No. 3

Julius Weismann

Elfe, op. 43 No. 4

Carl Loewe

Irrlichter, op. 62 No. 6

Johannes Brahms

Sommerabend, op. 85 No. 1

Hugo Wolf

Poems by Eduard Mörike: No. 16 Elfenlied

Friedrich Gulda

Elfe from Vier Eichendorff-Lieder

Carl Loewe

Die Sylphide, No. 2 from op. 9, Volume X

Franz Schreker

Spuk, op. 7 No. 4

Hermann Zumpe

Liederseelen, No. 2 from Fünf Lieder

Alexander Zemlinsky

Und hat der Tag all sein Qual, op. 8 No. 2

Carl Nielsen

Ariels Sang

Christian Sinding

Majnat, op. 22 No. 3

Wilhelm Stenhammar

Fylgia, op. 16 No. 4

Aarre Merikanto


Yrjö Kilpinen

Berggeist, op. 99 No. 3

Sigvaldi Kaldalóns


Dates and Tickets

Thu, 19 Sep 2019, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall | Introduction: 19:15

Serie V: Vocal


A brilliant start: to kick off the season, Marlis Petersen, Artist in Residence 2019/20, sang the soprano solo in Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, in addition to the solo part in Alban Berg’s LuluSuite, conducted by Kirill Petrenko, the new chief conductor of the Berliner Philharmoniker, in the Philharmonie, at the Open Air Concert at the Brandenburg Gate, and at guest performances in Salzburg, Lucerne and Bucharest. At this song recital she will now show completely different facets of her vocal artistry.

The soprano will transport the audience into the mysterious, mystical world of nature spirits: all about nymphs and water sprites, elves and trolls, sylphs and northern lights, in brief, about an otherworld. “I believe that we may by all means venture to let other dimensions of our being back into our wild world”, the singer says. And she’s not alone in that thought – as shown by the extensive list of composers that she is performing on the programme. Murmuring trees and brooks, rustling leaves, starlit night skies and forest solitude, seductive, alluring nymphs and singing forest creatures have time and again inspired composers – from the Romantic era to classical modernism – to create new songs.

For Marlis Petersen and her accompanist, pianist Camillo Radicke from Dresden, compiling the programme was an exciting voyage of musical discovery. Besides works by well-known lied composers such as Carl Loewe, Hugo Wolf, Johannes Brahms and Max Reger, they tracked down a series of names of composers who have today been more or less forgotten: for instance, Hans Sommer, Christian Sinding, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Julius Weismann and Hermann Zumpe. Conductor Bruno Walter and pianist Friedrich Gulda are also each represented with a lied about elves on this programme. A sensual, atmospherically dense experience – Marlis Petersen and Camillo Radicke say – is what they want to bring their audience with their foray into the mysterious otherworld.

Marlis Petersen (photo: Yiorgos Mavropoulos)

Marlis Petersen

Artist in Residence 2019/2020

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