(photo: Thomas Rosenthal)

Matinee of the Friends of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, who most people today only know because of its namesake Franz Schubert who composed the music to the poem “Die Forelle” (the Trout), was a musical-literary all-round talent beyond compare, a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart. Hardly anyone in the 18th century (and since) could write about music in such an original, vivid and humorous fashion. His talent becomes particularly visible in his descriptions of the various instruments: In presenting their merits and quirks, he introduces them like character heads from the circle of friends or odd types of relatives. In this Matinee, Schubart's brilliant and amusing writings are presented, but of course the characterized instruments not only speak, but also sound - with a selected and unusual repertoire.

Edicson Ruiz double bass

Dominik Wollenweber Englischhorn

Stefan Schweigert bassoon

Andrej Zust french horn

Andreas Arend lute

Anna Kirichenko piano

Heikko Deutschmann speaker (Schubart)

Lots of iridescent personalities − A Matinee about instruments, their merits and quirks

Gäste werden um einen Unkostenbeitrag von nicht weniger als 20 Euro pro Person gebeten.

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Sun, 03 Mar 2019, 11:00



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(photo: Thomas Rosenthal)