Wieland Welzel (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Chamber Music

Chamber music with the percussionists of the Berliner Philharmoniker

The 20th century was the century of percussion with numerous composers discovering and including it in captivating, witty and virtuoso chamber music works. In this concert entitled In the beginning was rhythm, principal timpanists Wieland Welzel and Rainer Seegers plus percussionists Simon Rössler and Jan Schlichte together with their Philharmoniker colleagues give an insight into the many fascinating sound worlds of percussion instruments.

Jan Schlichte drums

Simon Rössler drums

Peter Fleckenstein drums

Vincent Vogel drums

Wieland Welzel timpani

Rainer Seegers timpani

Jelka Weber flute

N. N. Saxophone

Janne Saksala double bass

Mauricio Kagel

Auftakte, sechshändig, for piano and two percussionists

John Cage

Credo in us for two percussionists, piano and DJ

Sofia Gubaidulina

Im Anfang war der Rhythmus for 7 percussionists

Etienne Perruchon

Cinq Danses dogoriennes for timpani and cello (version for timpani and double bass)

George Crumb

An Idyll for Misbegotten for flute and three percussionists

Yngve Slettholm

Introduksjon og toccata for timpani and alto saxophone

Thierry de Mey

Musique de tables for three percussionists

Eckhard Kopetzki

Le Chant du serpent for 4 percussionists

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Mon, 15 Oct 2018, 20:00

Chamber Music Hall | Introduction: 19:00

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Wieland Welzel (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Rainer Seegers (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Simon Rössler (photo: Sebastian Hänel)

Raphael Haeger (photo: Sebastian Hänel)